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Community Living has celebrated over 25 years of success in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to live their dreams through community connections.  Since its inception in 1989, Community Living has persistently sought innovative and diverse ways...

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Our Inspirational Dream - People with Intellectual Disabilities living their dreams through community connections.

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          Theresa Pooley is a quiet, caring person with an enthusiastic attitude to life. Theresa is also no stranger to hard work. She has been working as a laundry assistant for almost 6 years; 7 days a fortnight at Radius Maeroa Lodge. Theresa’s day to day tasks are washing linen, folding it and preparing it so that the care workers can make fresh clean beds for the residents.
Maeroa Lodge is a hospital and rest home, it homes up to 90 residents and has most rooms opening out into a courtyard. It’s a peaceful tranquil and happy place.

Theresa takes pride and care to ensure all the linen is freshly cleaned and prepared up to the highest standards.
“I really enjoy the job itself, the people and work are great, I have been here almost 6 years now and still love it”. Theresa’s favourite part of the job is “folding washing with that nice clean smell!”

Theresa gained this position with support through Community Living’s Employment Options team. Sam Collis, Career Development Broker visits Theresa at work and in the home to ensure everything is running smoothly, Sam says “Theresa is very independent, but finds it comforting to have that regular contact, we talk about work but also are investigating other community activities to develop her skills and passions”.

Mary Seymour East, Operations Manager at Radius Care says “Theresa takes pride in her appearance and is consistently neat and tidy.

She always says hello and greets people by name. She is a team person and has genuine interest in everyone’s wellbeing”.

When one of the dryers broke down at Maeroa lodge Theresa demonstrated a keen attitude and was “approachable” and flexible” to take on extra hours to assist the team during this time.
Theresa’s colleague Wendy says “Theresa works efficiently and keeps up with all tasks and duties asked of her. She is very tidy in her work habits, she is always happy and cheerful to work with and has a sunny nature and sense of humour”

When asked if Theresa had any advice for people wanting to get a job, Theresa’s response is “Be friendly and a nice person and people will like you. I would also show them skills they needed for the job if i could help so they were more prepared”.
          When Theresa is away from work she enjoys creative pursuits such as cross stitch[teddies & flowers], art and going out for walks in nature.

Theresa’s mum Judy, on asked what she is most proud of her daughter for, says “I am most proud that Theresa has had her job for 6 years now and her generosity when it comes to thinking of other people, like making cross stitch and gifting them to people.”
Theresa also has been supported into independent flatting with Community Living. 

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