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Community Living has celebrated over 25 years of success in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to live their dreams through community connections.  Since its inception in 1989, Community Living has persistently sought innovative and diverse ways...

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Our Inspirational Dream - People with Intellectual Disabilities living their dreams through community connections.

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Story written by Anthony Momoemausu, Journalism student at Wintec

As the Chiefs sit atop at the summit of the Super Rugby standings, no one could be happier than Glen Terry.

While some may adore Sonny Bill Williams for his dashing looks or his physique that could be compared to a Greek god, Glen admires the man they call SBW for what he does on the rugby field.

"Sonny Bill Williams, he's cool".

"He's fast and he is still the Chiefs' hero and he gets lots of goals and that.  Sometimes he plays in the centre and other than that he's a good kicker."

The passionate Chiefs supporter also lists Richard Kahui and Alex Bradley as the other players he looks up to.

Glen is a huge fan of SBW 

When it comes to supporting the famous black, yellow and red of the Chiefs, Glen is not alone.  His “main man” Alex shares the same passion.  The two first met at the Independent Games in Ngaruawahia as young teens and have been inseparable since.  They enjoy each others company and are even in the same soccer and basketball sides, playing football for the Waikato Special Olympics team and basketball for the Pirates.

While Glen lives in Hamilton and Alex in Morrinsville, these best friends usually like to hang out at each others houses.

Glen says "He comes to my place and I go to his place sometimes."

"Have sleepovers and stuff," Alex adds.

The two play a lot of pool against each other as Alex likes to challenge Glen whenever he is over.

"I love playing pool.  When Alex comes along, the first thing he wants to do when he comes over to my place, he always wants to play pool."

When asked who wins most times, Alex is not afraid to say that he holds the edge.

"I'm actually the master at pool," Alex says, much to Glen's disapproval.

"Most times it's mostly me (who wins) ’coz he always sinks the black one."

Glen adds "Not always, not always. You do sometimes too."

Glen’s friendship with Alex has grown over the years to the point where he feels that he is like family.

"Alex, he's like one of my heroes.  He's always there for me, looked out for me and that.  As a brother and that - Well he's not exactly a brother but he's like a brother."

Glen also looks up to his parents.

"I always looked up to my dad.  My mum, I love my mum as well, she knows that."

The talkative 21-year-old, who has Downs Syndrome, is never short on words but is serious about one day fulfilling his plans to help other people.

"I have a dream job.  Helping people, like helping oldies and youngies.  Just helping them get better and get better at what they are doing and that."

Though he has ambitions to help others, Glen is quick to note he has high aspirations for his basketball career.

"I want to go to America and play a bit of basketball over there.  My goal is to probably play for the (Los Angeles) Lakers or Miami (Heat)".

"Play with all the big boys," he says confidently.

But for now, Glen along with Alex is quite happy to cheer on the Chiefs as they go in search of their maiden title.

No doubt, the boys will be at Waikato Stadium next week to see Glen’s favourite Sonny Bill Williams take on the Crusaders in one the most anticipated matches of the season.

"I love getting out of the house.  I go to every single game of the Chiefs and Waikato."

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