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Community Living has celebrated over 25 years of success in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to live their dreams through community connections.  Since its inception in 1989, Community Living has persistently sought innovative and diverse ways...

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Our Inspirational Dream - People with Intellectual Disabilities living their dreams through community connections.

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Story and Video by Shannon Rolfe, Journalism student at Wintec

Christina McNae wakes up, makes her way to where bright eye shadows are scattered, assorted lip glosses are waiting and the process of making herself look good and feel even better begins.

The purple fascinator in her hair is just a start - Makeup goes on, as do her rings and jingling bangles that sing a song of courageousness.

Christina is a strong advocate for herself, the star of the show at every activity she does.

“It’s my big, big 5-0 coming up soon, I will be a real grown up woman, not acting like a 2-year-old.  Sometimes I act like a 2-year-old, but not very often,” she says.

Christina is her own person.  She is flirty, dynamic and tempestuous.

Support staff, Michelle Jones says Christina thrives in “Knowing she can do, knowing that she knows, knowing that she can.”

Swimming, knitting and making necklaces are high on her priority list.

“I like headpieces, my boyfriend helps me make them.  We do lots of things together, we make beads and things,” says Christina.  

She also loves to socialise and enjoys going to a Hamilton East pub to see her friend Angela, have a cocktail and mingle with the locals.

Intellectual disability doesn’t stop her.

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