How can Community Living support me?

Our Organisation

Community Living has celebrated over 25 years of success in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to live their dreams through community connections.  Since its inception in 1989, Community Living has persistently sought innovative and diverse ways...

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Our Purpose

Our Inspirational Dream - People with Intellectual Disabilities living their dreams through community connections.

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We can support you and your whanau/family to lead an ordinary life like everyone else.  We respond to individual needs because each person is unique, while also acknowledging that there are elements of a quality life that are universal and common to us all. 

We support you to make your plans and achieve your goals and dreams.  We support you to learn the skills you need to increase your independence and achieve personal outcomes.  We encourage you to be actively involved in making the most of your opportunities.  We assist you to participate in activities of your choice.  We support you to be an active member of your community.   

We encourage and support our staff to work in ways that respect your rights and choices.  We are passionate about working together to make a positive difference.
If you have a question or query and the answer to it is not listed above, or if you would simply like some more information, please feel free to send us an email to Enquiries. My Home My Family My Hobbies My Job My Skills My Day My Social Life